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Swags and Cascades

Swags and cascades are popular top treatments for windows. Swags are similar to valances except they are typically draped over in folds over a rod that runs horizontally across or mounted on a board. Cascades are fabrics that descend in a ziz-zag pattern either on the sides or across the top. They can be placed over swags or underneath them.

Swags Uses
Similar to valances swags are a decorative top treatment for windows. While valances tend to be more formal and can be used to offset the proportions of a window, swags are less formal and tend to be more decorative in nature. If you have lush drapes or curtains, you probably want to match that with swags of similar material. Because swags are more elaborate, you should take a moment to think if you need swags or simple valances before you decide. If your drapes and curtains are fairly plain or if your room d¨Ścor is standard, putting swags may draw too much attention that part of your window. You want the swags to fit in with the rest of the d¨Ścor of your room.

Cascades Uses
Cascades are basically another type of swag or valance that has descending edges along the sides, similar to water flowing down. If you use tiered or layered window treatments, you can have a swag and a cascade or a valance and a cascade on different layers. In other situations, you may not even need curtains or shades at all. A swag and cascade may be all you need. This type of window treatment combination works for windows that do not need much privacy or light control.

Types of Swags and Cascades
Swags come in various materials. Swag materials are similar to those used to make drapes and curtains. In fact, many times, the material used for swags are the same as the window treatments that exist already on the window. The color and pattern can be different to differentiate the swag from other window treatments. The number of swag drapes or folds is the key difference in how swags look. Most swags are either a single fold, 3 fold or multiple folds (more than 3). In terms of available materials, cascades are similar to swags. As a design consideration, you can choose from even and uneven cascades. Even cascades have the same length on both sides. Uneven cascades introduces a more nonconforming look.

Making and Buying Swags and Cascades
Many people do prefer to make swags and cascades. Swags can be easily made with drapery fabric and a curtain rod. All you have to do is wind the swag along the curtain rod and let the sides hand down. ThatĄŻs about the simplest form of a swag. Cascades can also be done the same way as well. Swags and cascades that you buy will usually have hinges that you can hang on your curtain rod. Although the swag look resembles winding the drapery material around the rod, the swag can be actually hung on the rod. This is similar to putting on a clip on tie for comparison. There are many online retailers selling swags and cascades. You should always check out your local window treatment store and make sure you talk to an expert before you purchase directly online. There are great deals out there. Good luck with shopping.

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